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Optima Chargers

The fun only lasts as long as your battery. The new OPTIMA® Chargers Digital 1200 and Digital 400 can get your battery charged and keep it healthy so you can get back to having fun.

These chargers can be used for charging 12V traditional and AGM lead-acid batteries used in automotive, motorcycle, marine, tractor, power sports, RV applications and more. Meanwhile, the maintainer mode can keep all 12V AGM and flooded batteries healthy during storage.

Image Part # Description Amps Volts Length Width Height Height
OPT-D400 OPTIMA OPT-D400 Digital 400 12v Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer 4A 12V 7.10 3.90 2.70 More Info
OPT-D1200 OPTIMA OPT-D1200 Digital 1200 12v Performance Charger and Battery Maintainer 12A 12V 10.00 7.50 6.50 More Info