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AIM Boosters

Portable - Built in Charger - Heavy Duty Clamps - Rugged Steel Construction - 12V DC Accessory

American Innovative Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of battery operated dent pullers, spot welders, and power stations. Founded in 2011, in Spokane, Washington, American Innovative Manufacturing’s product line features some of the industry’s most cutting edge and advanced equipment on the market today.

American Innovative Manufacturing’s patented battery powered equipment provides unique features crucial to repair shops both large and small. The equipment provides unparalleled flexibility in how and where repairs can be made. Using its patented design and construction, repair shops using our equipment now do not need to run expensive 220v or 480v 3 phase power throughout the shop and pay high demand charge fees to operate necessary spot welding and dent pulling equipment. The Panel Beater™ battery powered dent puller is an essential tool for auto body professionals and automobile restoration enthusiasts.

AIM offers powerful, precise, mobile, and affordable solutions where space and cost constraints are critical in the purchase decision.