Bulldog Battery

Bulldog manufactures a full line of industrial batteries to fit all applications. Our batteries are still manufactured with the highest quality materials and with the strictest quality control program.

Bulldog has the standard steel cased battery available and the rust and corrosion free plastic cased battery. The plastic case will eliminate all shorting, rust and painting from any battery operation. This will reduce battery, lift truck and battery handling equipment maintenance.

  • Cube weight is 100% checked for more accurate plate weights and more uniform capacity
  • Crows foot for a heavier strap and a better bond to the plate
  • Moss shield is retained and is not allowed to float
  • Sleeve separator for enhanced capacity
  • Additional glass wrap on the positive plate for better capacity and life
  • Unique formation complete with “discharge” and “equalization”
  • Special steel tray design for packing maximizing life
  • Special steel tray coating (piedmont epoxy) for better corrosion resistance
  • Heaviest inter-cell connector in the industry
  • Heaviest lead head in the industry
  • All contact tips are sweat on not crimped
  • Cable jacket is retained in the lead head with a special retaining ring
  • Contact tip and cable jacket are covered with heat shrink tubing
  • Packing for the battery creating a tight fit giving better life
  • Each battery is weighed and stamped accordingly
  • Each battery is checked for voltage and polarity prior to shipping