Leading the charge in innovation

Delta Q Chargers

Delta-Q is a leading manufacturer of industrial battery chargers. Delta-Q high frequency battery chargers extend battery life, provide maximum up-time, and reduce cost of ownership. More than 1.2 million electric vehicles and industrial machines use Delta-Q products.

Since 1999, Delta-Q has provided numerous innovations in power conversion topologies, power factor correction, and charge algorithm development. Delta-Q’s experienced engineering team merges power electronics, mechanical design and embedded software into products that enhance charging performance and machine reliability.

Delta-Q has commercialized more than 190 charge profiles for specific models and chemistries of lead acid and lithium-ion batteries. Working in their battery lab, Delta-Q’s experts develop charge profiles that meet performance, health, and charging time requirements. Users experience better run-time and flexibility for different battery chemistries.

QuiQ Series chargers are proven high-frequency electronics in an IP66-rated sealed mechanical enclosure. Customizable, including your choice of up to 10 lab-validated charging profiles for lead acid (wet/flooded, AGM, gel) or lithium-ion batteries.

IC Series battery chargers provide superior reliability in difficult applications, charge quality for lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, and ease of integration for electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment. Key features include IP66-rated sealed enclosure, optional CAN bus communication, and USB host port for charge cycle data download and software updates.

Delta-Q General Features & Benefits

  • Efficient. CEC Approved. Advanced switch mode high frequency design allows more efficient use of energy from standard wall outlet to battery.
  • Universal. “Plug it in and it just works.” Wide-range AC input (85 – 265 VAC) allows use of one charger anywhere in the world.
  • Sealed. IP66 rated chassis provides reliable protection operation in harsh environments.
  • Rugged. Built for the rigors of the application. Delta-Q chargers are built to endure the shock and vibration better than any other charger on the market.
  • Optimized. Flooded, sealed, and lithium-ion battery compatibility. Select from an extensive list of charge algorithms backed with the validation of Delta-Q and many major battery manufacturers.
  • Memory. Delta-Q chargers store several charge profiles which can be selected to match the specific batteries in use.
  • Versatile. Designed for on-board and off-board applications. Lightweight and compact size allows on-board use and offers space advantages over traditional chargers in off-board installations.
  • Safe. Extensive safety features such as reverse polarity and short circuit protection ensure safe operation for both the operator and the charger itself.
  • Reliable. Low voltage threshold as low as 0.5VPC ensures the charger will do its job even when the batteries become extremely discharged.
  • Set it, forget it. All Delta-Q chargers include a maintenance mode. By keeping the charger plugged in, a user can prevent a battery from fully discharging during storage or intermittent use.