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Pro Charging Systems

Battery Chargers for Industrial, Aerial Lift, Golf Cart, Marine, Rental Euipment, and Recreational Markets.

Pro Charging Systems is a high quality charger provider for commercial and home use widely known for its accessibility, ease of use and great attention to detail. The products offered by Pro Charging Systems are designed to be durable and their business foundation prides itself in offering a great initiative in regards to technological growth, advancements, and the best battery charging products on the market.

Thanks to Pro Charging Systems’ innovative and advanced technology, their battery chargers offer a much better, more efficient charging time; They also charge the batteries in a way that makes them last longer. They manage to deliver stellar products and customer service, which are a couple of the many reasons Pro Charging Systems has continually grown and evolved into one of the leading battery charging providers in the market.

The company created a complimentary technology called DeltaView, which allows the operators to query the charger via the use of an opto-coupler. This helps acquire charger information and brings all the necessary battery information to the forefront. With informational technologies like this, Pro Charging Systems manages to deliver the utmost quality and some of the best batteries in the market. They also offer professional data analysis as well as equipment management that makes it very easy to track and modify batteries based on your particular needs.

With Pro Charging Systems, you will be able to maintain a high standard battery life and condition, not to mention that these batteries are very durable which does help take the overall experience with their products to new heights at all times. Simply put: purchase your Pro Charging Systems products for some of the best quality and performance on the market.

Eagle Performance Series

The chargers included in the Eagle Performance Series were created to offer top quality standard features suitable for the electric and industrial vehicle market. The Eagle Performance Series battery systems are designed with professionalism and high quality right from the start. You can use them for both recreational and industrial use, as they are maintenance free and even offer complete water resistance.

The Eagle Performance Series chargers can be used with the Lead Acid batteries and you can reconfigure them with ease if you want to work with Gelled Electrolyte batteries. All Performance chargers come with a dedicated battery type LED indicator and a very good temperature controller. The products are fan cooled so the temperatures are always kept under control which does tend to offer a very good value in this regard.

All the Eagle Performance Series chargers are designed to be rugged and dependable, they won’t break and come with a very good structure as well. One thing to note is that these models are fully automatic and integrate float maintenance, not to mention they can easily return to the charge maintenance mode if you need them to. On top of that, you have the ability to access immediate on-board diagnostics.

The indicators on the Eagle Performance Series are very easy to see and that does help you get the job done faster and with great results. If needed, you can also get a universal A/C input which is optional but it might come in handy at times.

Professional Series

The Professional Series offered by Pro Charging Systems were designed to offer great features specifically for industrial use. Not only do they manage to offer a lot of reliability but these battery chargers are also some of the safest on the market. You can find these chargers on fishing boats as well and they do work with plenty of other industries as well.

These battery chargers are approved for AGM as well as Wet Cell batteries and you can even find adjacent models for the Gelled Electrolyte batteries as well. Since these models are also designed for boats among others, you can easily use them in saltwater. You also receive the dedicated DeltaVolt intuitive charging technology and a rugged construction that makes these chargers very durable and waterproof. You also have independent outputs here as well as a great battery maintenance mode that help you perform a variety of diagnostics.

All the Professional Series are temperature controlled thanks to the advanced microprocessor included in them. You can get multiple battery systems here and there are no installation restrictions. Another important thing to note is that the Professional Series are created with the ISO 8846 and marine standards in mind.