Choosing Your Battery Charger

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Choosing the right battery charger can seem overwhelming with more options than ever available today. The quality of the charger, the warranty provided and the price are important items with which to begin your review. It is also important to know with what application the charger will be used (or what type of vehicle/machine it is on) and in what environment the charger will be operating. When reviewing the options available, you will encounter chargers with varied types of cooling. This is a difference you should consider when choosing the right charger to purchase.

The advantages of natural convection cooling are important for a charger that will be in an application or environment that commonly has dirt, mud, water or any other debris. A fan cooled charger allows for these contaminants to be drawn into the unit which lowers the life expectancy of the charger. Natural convection cooled chargers are able to perform in these environments without concern. The Lester Electrical Summit Series II is a natural convection cooled option and is IP66 rated which means it is “dust tight and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water”.

If choosing a charger that will provide you a reliable performance for the full life of the charger is important to you then natural convection cooled would be the right choice for you. Fan cooled chargers will have a shorter life expectancy. In some cases you may also see a less inclusive warranty that covers a shorter time span for the charger. The fan placed inside a battery charger is usually the least reliable component in the unit. The contaminants that are drawn into the unit (from the fan) accumulate and reduce the cooling effectiveness.

The quality of the other parts and components used in the charger should be reviewed as well. Fan cooled charger options are often built using plastic casing which makes them less durable. The Summit Series II is designed with a rugged die cast industrial exterior to ensure performance is delivered in any difficult environment.

In environments that require avoiding ambient noise at all costs, a fan cooled charger can be a concern. The noise from the fan operation can be problematic in these cases.

The primary benefit to a fan cooled charger relates to the size of the unit. Design restrictions on the charger are eliminated when forced air cooling is introduced which allows for the physical size of the charger to be reduced. There is also an operational difference in the surface temperature of the unit. A naturally cooled charger will run warmer and shouldn’t be touched during full output.

If you need an industrial grade battery charger that offers reliability, durability and provides exceptional performance in difficult environments, you will want a natural convection cooled option. Adding in market leading features, legendary performance and affordable cost the first and best option will be a Summit Series II charger assembled in Nebraska and designed by experienced experts on Lester Electrical’s team.

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