Why Motobatt


Why Motobatt?

Smart dealers already know that Motobatt can reduce your inventory level by more than 70% and add new sales opportunities, but consumers and dealers alike may not understand why our quality design is leading the Power Sports industry.

Powersports vehicles are now fitted with EFI, ABS Braking and other Complex electronics, draining power both when parked up and in operation. When in use, modern consumer electronics like  GPS, Phones, Stereos, Winches etc, all drain energy from a very small power source. This brings Amp Hour capacity sharply into focus of modern battery design. No longer are we just starting the engine we are truly powering the modern vehicle. The parameters have changed forever.

CCA or Cold cranking Amps is no indication of a great battery since we no longer just need a start battery.  Amp Hour capacity and real sustained CCA cannot be obtained without increased lead content.

Motobatt achieves this through its Patented 4 terminal Quadflex design which allows larger plates into the battery case.  The battery gains additional surface area to create more CCA and a larger Amp hour rating. The clever Quad terminal design is stronger, easier to fit and increases power at the terminal. It is also excellent for mounting extra cables for accessories.

At Motobatt we realise the ever changing demands of the industry and design industry specific solutions to known Power Sport problems.

Higher load requirements at Start Up are drawn to run the complex electronics on modern Power Sport vehicles, further modern motorcycles also cycle the battery much more frequently than prior to the advent of complicated electronics. This type of cycling puts huge stresses on a starting battery which is not designed to be deeply discharged. Worse still, on short trips power drained at start up is not replaced leaving the battery in a constant discharged state.

Motobatt uses thicker plates with a unique lead paste combination providing higher capacity than Genuine batteries to supply thirsty electronics and additional consumer accessories. Combined with a Military grade Absorbed Glass Matt design you have a power source that can withstand Vibration, Heat, Cold and combat frequent discharge.  Motobatt AGM is a factory activated battery with a long shelf life. There is no need to fill it with Acid and have lengthy commissioning times. Fit and go!

The end result is more available power, less warranty, less inventory, more happy customers.

Motobatt is the only manufacturer with a full line coverage in Factory Activated AGM. No ACID.

Only 40 SKUs cover over 240 Genuine part numbers. Just 12 Popular Motobatt batteries is all that is required to cover a huge 80% of the US Power Sport Industry sales!  And with a 24 Month consumer warranty everyone is a winner. Competitor stock turns are much slower, and slow stock batteries sit discharging and creating issues and waste. As Motobatt can multi fit so many applications, Motobatt Stock rotations are blisteringly fast meaning more fresh stock more often. It’s a no brainer!

Motobatt has built a world class product which saves time, inventory, minimizes warranty, and creates an acid free environment at point of sale and beyond.

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