Battery Systems and Solar

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Battery Systems & Solar

By: Josh Brumm

Since 1955 Battery Systems has been a partner with the off grid solar industry by helping thousands of people in America go off the grid.  Batteries are used to store excess energy produced by solar panels during the day for power needs at night and therefore, are a crucial component of any off grid solar system.  Ensuring that the size of the energy storage (battery bank) is sufficient to meet the energy consumption needs of the homeowner is essential.

OffGridACSome say, “My solar system is tied to the grid so why should I consider batteries?” Easy! When you have grid tied solar panels on your home, they don’t work to power your home when the grid goes down.  Even though you have solar on your home or business, you are still without power in the event of a power outage. That’s why grid tied battery back-up for emergency loads like your refrigerator, freezer, lights, and outlets for mobile devices are essential.  With the prospect of natural disasters or even normal grid failures that happen throughout the year, having emergency battery back-up is necessary to keeping those vital components working for you in your home or business when the grid goes down.  

peak hours

Another benefit to having a Battery System installed at your home or business is the ability to utilize the stored energy produced by your solar system during peak demand times to avoid extra demand charges by the utility companies.  This is a great way to escape those peak demand charges that utility companies are charging during times of the day when there is more strain on the grid.  

Whether your goal is to go totally off the grid or to have battery back-up for emergencies or grid outages – or even to shave peak demand and pay less on your electric bill, having a Battery System from Battery Systems for your home or business is imperative.  We look forward to speaking with you about how Battery Systems can assist you in all of your energy storage needs by being your Energy Storage Single Source Solution!  Contact Battery Systems today to get started! 


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