Plug In The Wall Grid

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Battery Systems: Plug in The Wall Grid Tied Solar Panel

    • Produce an estimated 1.5 KWH’s per day with just one 340 panel or up to max of 8 KWH per day with 5 panels.

    • Expand to a total of 5 panels – maximum of Five 340 Watt Plug in Panels per one 15 amp breaker.

    • No electrician, contractor, or installer needed. Just put in the sun, plug into wall outlet, and start saving!!!!

    • NOTE: Just one 340 Watt solar may save from $10 to $30 per month, depending on utility rates and hours of peak sunlight hours available. Anticipated savings averaged over 12 month period.  *Will not turn back meter or give credit from utility.*  Not designed to overproduce.  Only designed to provide energy for loads on in home while sun is shining.



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