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Exide-Branded Battery Warranty

Exide-branded batteries are exclusively distributed by Battery Systems Inc. The warranty provided by Battery Systems Inc. on your Exide-branded battery helps you feel confident that your battery meets performance requirements. If your Exide-branded battery fails, we recommend having it tested to determine the cause of failure. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it recharged and retested.

If your Exide-branded battery still fails, please view the Limited Warranty Policy* below to determine the recommended course of action.

Warranty Claim Procedure

Before submitting a warranty claim, please complete the following steps

Have the battery tested first to determine the cause of failure and retain the receipt of the test results

If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it recharged and re-tested.

Determine if the battery is still under Limited Warranty

Refer to the battery’s front label for the Free Replacement Period, and checking the date on your proof of purchase.

*** The applicable Free Replacement Period is calculated from the date of sale to the original purchaser

If the battery is still under Warranty

With your original receipt, attempt to exchange the battery at the original place of purchase

If this is not an option, please return the battery to a Battery Systems location within the Free Replacement Period and ensure to bring proof of purchase.

If an authorized retailer is not in your area or you are otherwise unable to get to a retailer, you can submit a claim

Ready to process your warranty claim?

If you have already purchased a replacement or cannot visit a location, please submit a claim below

If you are submitting a claim, please have the following items ready

  • Copy of the original sales receipt.
  • Clear pictures of the original defective battery including all visible labels
  • Copy of the battery test receipt
  • Copy of the replacement sales receipt
My battery failed; what should I do?

Most batteries that fail are simply discharged and need a boost. Batteries must first be tested to determine the cause of failure. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it re-charged and re-tested. If the battery is still not working properly, you may qualify for Battery Systems Inc. Limited Warranty for Exide-branded batteries.

Where can I have my battery tested?

Most auto parts retailers offer battery testing free of charge. Simply take your battery to any retailer which offers this service and obtain a printout of the test results. No free replacement battery or reimbursement (as applicable) will be provided unless a battery test receipt is provided.

How do I find out if my battery is still under warranty?

Complete details for determining the warranty eligibility can be found within the Battery Systems Inc. Limited Warranty policy and the Battery Systems Inc. PRO-RATA Limited Warranty policy, as applicable.