Deep Cycle vs. Starting Battery

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 Deep Cycle vs. Starting Battery


Have you ever wondered why there are different sizes or types of batteries? Did you know every battery type serves a specific functionality? Well when it comes to the battery world, the type chosen and its usage varies significantly. Depending on both how much power output you require, and for how long you need power being produced is how the correct option can be chosen.

The two primary battery options that you will find will either be defined as “deep cycle” batteries, or “starting” batteries. It is very important that you find the correct battery for your particular application, as the wrong choice can affect both the battery’s efficiency as well as its lifespan.

Our first variety, deep cycle, is meant to provide a continuous current of the same intensity for a prolonged time span. Although they are certainly capable of providing surges of power, this is not their primary purpose. Because of the internal structure, they can be used for starting, but tend to provide a lower cranking output than similarly sized starting batteries.  Also important to the deep cycle battery is that once discharged, it is best to recharge at a lower amp rating for a longer amount of time, and not to simply be  “topped off” quickly.  Quick charging could eventually shorten the cycle life of the battery.


Starting batteries occupy the opposite end of the spectrum, being designed to provide quick bursts of energy, such as a car would use while starting. This only discharges the battery by about 1-3%, which is then topped off typically by you vehicles alternator. This is perfectly acceptable for a starting battery, and ensures that they are always ready to provide maximal current on demand.  The drawback being that in order to provide peak cranking power, a starting battery will trade off some of its reserve, and deep cycling capacity.

The bottom line.  Deep Cycle batteries provide a greater reserve capacity, but cannot deliver as many peak CCA’s (cold cranking amps).  Starting Batteries are made to provide high power for higher amp, more frequent short draws, and limited long term discharge.  Ultimately, your primary need should determine your battery choice.  Choosing the right battery always provides the right amount of power, and does so for the right amount of time.  Stop in at one of our stores, and let our experts help you find the right choice!



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