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Golf Cart

Exide® Brand Xtra Golf Cart

The Exide brand has a full line of golf cart and utility batteries to fit just about any application. They offer dependable, long-lasting performance — available in 6-volt, 8-volt, and 12-volt models.

High-End Performance

Exide® branded Xtra Golf Cart batteries feature reserve capacity ratings up to 525 and AMP hour ratings up to 245 amp hours (20-hour rate) for increased service life per charge.

Rugged Construction

Thicker plates improve cycle life and the heat-sealed container reduces leaks. Heavy-duty construction helps to extend life and reduce water loss.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Stainless steel studs resist corrosion and make installation easy. Twist-and-release speed vent caps allow for quick and easy maintenance.

12-Month Free Replacement

The Exide® brand Xtra Golf comes with a 12-month free replacement warranty.