Noco is an international battery manufacturer that started to operate in Cleveland, Ohio during 1914. The company was created by Joseph Henry Nook, a local battery and tire distributor at that time. He wanted to create a product that would help prevent battery corrosion and the way he approached that was in a simple yet intelligent manner.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do as Nook ended up with hundreds of formulations before choosing the final one which he began to manufacture soon after its implementation. The result of his work was the NCP2, the first battery corrosion preventative. NCP2 stands for No Corrosion Product in 2 steps. This product immediately became a major hit and it was soon found in most of the automotive as well as battery shops all over the United States. Since then, the brand has continually prevented battery corrosion and you can find this product in many regions all over the globe.

Noco’s main focus is the attention to detail and innovation. The company has teams dedicated to electrical and mechanical engineering, and industrial design as well as advanced testing that work hard in order to further improve and boost the battery corrosion prevention process. They address everything from the optimization of manufacturing to software and circuit design. Noco is always pushing the boundaries as one of the most innovative and professional companies in the industry.

Noco creates solar panels, jump starters, portable power devices as well as premium consumer battery chargers. It also delivers a wide variety of battery products and dedicated accessories that you can access on the fly. With their unique focus and incredible attention to detail they always manage to provide a stellar set of products designed for the new devices and electric products.



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