Kinetik - V Twin

Kinetik V Twin

It is time for some adrenaline rush with your favorite riding sport. Have you ensured that the battery can last during the entire play period? It does not matter how good your bike is, if the battery is weak anything else is just useless.

The Kinetik V Twin is the right choice battery for uninterrupted adventure. Here are a few reason why that is so.

VRLA technology

Kinetik V twin battery utilizes the Valve Regulated Lead Acid technology and can be substituted with any flooded lead acid battery.

The VRLA battery uses one-way, pressure relief valve. The oxygen that is produced in the positive plate gets absorbed on the negative plate. It combines with the hydrogen produced at the negative plate to form that is retained in the battery. This makes it last longer and becomes more efficient than the lead acid battery.

Rugged construction

The battery vibrates during the riding and can damage the cells as well as cause leakage. The Kinetik V Twin deals with the problem by having a strong, rugged encasing with a tightly fitted lid to ensure that it does not leak.

The rugged construction is ideal for tough riding surfaces as well as hot areas. The heat damages the cells and lowers the efficiency of your battery. The casing in this battery prevents the heat from reaching the cells and the electrolyte thereby maintaining the battery in good shape even in hot environments.

Maintenance free 

The Kinetik V Twin battery comes sealed and does not require opening or refilling the acid for its lifetime. It relieves you of the messy acids and deionized water. Since it is never opened, it does not pollute the environment with gases or the heavy metals.

Have AGM separators 

The absorbed glass mat separators cause the batteries to be spill proof as the electrolyte is completely absorbed in the separators. The cells do not leak the electrolyte even when tipped on the side. The separators also prevent the cells from damage during vibrating. The AGM batteries have twice the life cycle of the conventional flooded batteries in a similar application.

We have the right batteries for you

There are several sizes and capacities of the V Twin batteries with the main difference being the cold cranking amps, amp hours and the length of the battery. There is definitely a Kinetik V Twin battery for your specific powersports equipment. We back our products with a warranty and guarantee performance.

Do not run with a battery that you are not sure of its performance, buy Kinetic V Twin battery.