Kinetik - Phantom LFP

Kinetik Phantom

Are you looking for a quality battery to power your adventure? Kinetik Phantom LFP Lithium Iron technology batteries are the choice batteries for your motorcycles, ski jets, snowmobiles or the ATVs.

Maintenance Free

The maintenance free batteries are safe for you as the operator and the environment as there is no lead, acid or explosive gasses that are released during charging or leak out due to vibration. It comes sealed and ready to use straight from the factory. You do not need to recharge the battery.

Extreme Rate LiFePO4 Cell Technology

LiFeP04 batteries are usually fifth of the weight of the ordinary lead-acid batteries. The batteries hold an unloaded charge that enables the run for a year without the need for maintenance.

The Phantom batteries can withstand the high load requirement at the ignition cycle. They recover super-fast due to their super-fast recharging.  They also crank faster enabling better starts.

The batteries also discharge longer than the lead-acid batteries of the same capacity.  They also have a higher charge acceptance enabling them to charge faster in higher currents than the standard led acid batteries.

Zero Sulfation

Sulfation is the process by which sulfated acid travels from one cell to the other causing a short. Sulfation is the leading cause of faster discharge of the energy as well as terminal failure. By eliminating sulfation, Phantom LFP batteries can discharge slowly and longer as well as stay longer than the standard lead acid batteries.

Solid Brass Terminals and Copper Soldered Connections

The solid brass terminals are free from corrosion while the copper connection enhances the flow of electricity better than any other material.

Military Spec Carbon Composite Case

We know that you are thrilled by those bumpy rides through dusty roads. However, these rides may lead to the damage of your motorcycle battery after repeated rides. To deal with this problem, Phantom lithium batteries are made with rugged military spec carbon composite casing that withstands the abuse in the rough environments.

Environmentally Friendly

Since the battery is maintenance-free and there is no lead or acid, the is no damage to the environment or yourself. You just discharge and recycle the battery at the end of its useful life.

We Have The Phantom LFP Battery For You!

If you are looking for an incident-free adventure, consider getting the quality Phantom battery for your sports equipment. Using the battery is just as simple as installing and starting your motorcycle. It even has bolt cable eyelets for faster and easier installation.