Enersys Industrial

Enersys_LogoEnerSys is the world leader in stored energy products and solutions with a broad line of batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks, ground support equipment, mining equipment and AGVs. They can trace their roots to 1888 to pack over a century of design innovation and commitment to quality into their Ironclad® and General Battery brand batteries and chargers.

ironclad-groupIRONCLAD® is the battery to meet the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications. The battery is designed with the proven EnerSys® square tube technology to deliver higher sustained operating voltages and rugged reliability for higher productivity and longer life.

Ironclad® outperforms other batteries with up to 15% more power, particularly at the higher discharge rates demanded by modern AC drive trucks. The battery’s design life of 1,800 cycles equates an extra year of life in many applications.  First introduced in 1910, the Ironclad® tubular plate design is well established as the performance leader. For almost a century, Ironclad® batteries have proven themselves as reliable, rugged performers in thousands of applications and work environments. Superhog, Loadhog, Deserthog, Workhog, Smarthog and the Smartpack are the most powerful line of batteries you can buy!

generalgroupThe General ® batteries are designed around your individual applications, to meet your  specific demands and deliver the ultimate in value.

The management systems governing the manufacture of these batteries are ISO 9001:2004 certified. We were the first in our industry to achieve this certification and we continue to improve our processes in order to assure you of exceptional quality and superior performance.  The General batteries supply dependable power for the life of the battery.

Enersys continues to promote the highest quality standards to provide you with the best product, at the best value.  Numerous built-in features ensure outstanding performance of The General batteries.