Customer satisfaction is an absolutely critical component of success for any company. Realizing this, Centennial Batteries makes it their mission to provide some of the most outstanding customer service in the industry. By assembling a team of uniquely driven and team oriented individuals, they have been able to focus their efforts towards excellence in ways that other companies simply cannot mimic. The proof of this lies in their loyal, satisfied customer base that has never wavered, even after many years.

The reason they are able to boast of such excellence from their product line is the fact they have managed to provide superior products for both commercial and private use, as well as anything imaginable in between. From small gel cell batteries, to the largest commercial tractor units, they have the right fit for your application. If you aren’t sure of what battery your application needs, simply give them (or us) a call, or browse the through the FAQ section of their website where they have the answers to most common battery inquiries.

Regardless of which product you purchase, we take pride in the comfort of our customers, coming from the knowledge that their product is durable and maintenance free.

In partnership with Battery Systems Inc., they hold the reputation to back our claims, recognized not only by our customers but other industry leaders as well. If you are in search of a truly superior battery for any application, you need not search further.