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Battery Systems of Reno is an experienced team that is committed to taking care of our customers.  With our newest team member having been here over 5 years, we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable battery supplier in Northern Nevada.  We are a very goal oriented team.  Fil works hard to ensure a friendly interaction is made with every delivery, keeps in good touch with our weekly route customers, and always asks how we can improve our service.  Randy’s sales experience and contacts in Nevada make him a very valuable asset to our growth.  Our ability to Hot Shot most deliveries within 20 minutes and the large territory we service on a weekly basis has really set us apart from the competition.  Randy travels across the state every week to visit our customers, do deliveries, and grow our footprint.  While at the Branch, we all do our best to make sure that everyone who walks in receives the service they deserve.  Anyone who has a question gets it answered – even if they’re not our customer yet.  We appreciate very much all the departments and branches who helped us to make 2016 our biggest year ever.  Our crew is a team.  And as a team, you can’t help but win.


Doug Nugent

Branch Manager

Reno – 153

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