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Although the ‘Home Office Accounting Team” is not a branch, we are extremely honored to be chosen as “Branch of the Month.” 

My name is Chris Fernandez and I have been a part of the Accounting department for 10 years now.  My team has been witness to so much “change and growth” that it is amazing how they are so resilient and continue to stay positive during challenging times.  The team is comprised of 13 very hard-working individuals who are very thorough Accountants; AKA internal auditors of everything involving “CASH.”

Our Accounting Supervisor is Laurie Sandoval who manages all bank discrepancies each day.  She also processes all the state sales tax returns each month by the 20th.  She communicates with the branches daily on both of these very important issues.  Our Accountant I is Alvino Martinez who handles everything from business licenses, customer insurance requests, property tax filings, and monthly vehicle mileage reporting.  He is always open to helping anyone in the company who is in need of assistance.  Laurie and Alvino are “key contacts” for the branches, banks, and management.

Our Accounts Receivable Team is comprised of eight excellent customer service individuals who manage to give 100% to not only the hundreds of customers who contact us daily, but also the 55 branches nationwide.  We have Barbara Doyle, who is an expert in collections for over 14 years now.  Her memory is so sharp you can ask her about a check situation from years ago and she will remember!  Alyssa Szabo’s customer service to the branches is impeccable as many of the branches can confirm.  Jeannie Gustin continues to process customer refunds timely each week that a customer rarely calls twice.  Dewanda Vandermost is always impeccable with the processing of all customer WIRES each day.  George Monachello is very efficient with the monthly customer review and correction process.  Jose Acosta is superb at auditing and then depositing all incoming customer checks into the bank before end of the day.  Phieu Giang’s dedication shines daily as he is constantly on the phone helping customers understand their account and payment history.  Elizabeth Flores is very attentive to all new customer setups, especially those that are exempt from sales tax.  She is the heart of the “Home Office” as she is very attentive to the everyday needs of the Home Office Team. 

Our Accounts Payable Team is comprised of three outstanding customer service individuals who are not only very attentive to the daily Petty Cash needs of our branches, but the need to pay thousands of bills each month before the due date or discount date.  We have Dalinah Geer who handles the processing of the purchases for all branches.  Dalinah always ensures that every purchase has a Purchase Order number.  Priscilla Garcia handles the majority of repair bills for all vehicles.  She is very persistent in requiring branch approval for these bills.  Kristin Cook maintains all routine monthly billings such as utility bills.  She also handles the Visa & American Express bills each month, which can exceed over $1 million dollars for hundreds of bills that require a reconciliation to the statement each month.  Overall, this AP Team is very efficient in ensuring that every single bill is out the door with the proper payment each week. 

The Accounting Team knows that there is always a sense of urgency every day for the 55 branches and the thousands of customers who require assistance.  At the end of each day, we go home feeling a sense of accomplishment that we have helped resolve so many issues. 

The Accounting Team has enjoyed much time together outside of work through several charity functions such as with the Orange County Food Bank where they have spent 2 hours at a time packing over 800 boxes of food for the needy.  The team has also been involved in beach cleanup projects, Christmas toy drives, as well as monetary and canned-food drives. 

This team is so dedicated to their job that they have always gone above and beyond to ensure every single cash situation is complete by the “last day of the month.”  With such dedication to work, the Accounting Team also knows how very important it is to have fun by enjoying many creative potlucks over the years.  Food does make processing “Cash” that more enjoyable. 

The Accounting team is always here to help and appreciate all the branches and customers who help make the handling of “CASH” just a bit easier.

Chris Fernandez

Accounting – Manager – Home Office

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