Bluetooth Technology…in an Industrial Battery Charger

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Bluetooth Technology…in an Industrial Battery Charger

By: Lester Electrical

Battery charging technology has come a long way over the past 50 years. The first automatic battery charger was introduced to the world in 1978, using “DV/DT”, a patented logic from Lester Electrical. Today, all modern battery chargers are still designed with variations of that same logic. Now, that same company has launched chargers featuring Bluetooth communication and Cloud connectivity. These new chargers are suitable for all motive charging applications (aerial work platforms, golf cars, floor care machines, material handling, industrial vehicles, etc.).

The Summit Series II has an app available, compatible with Android and Apple devices. Download via the App Store or Google Play at no charge, and you are ready to enjoy all the market leading features of this charger.

What is the benefit of this technology inside my battery charger?

  1. Whether you are getting a vehicle or machine ready for work or play, you need to know if you have the power you need to complete the task. In today’s busy world, time equals money. The Summit Series II charger offers you the convenience of checking your battery using your smart phone. Open your app; connect to your charger and state of charge with real time data will be at your fingertips.

  2. Charging Performance. The Summit Series II chargers have been designed with Progressive DV/DT, a proprietary charging algorithm by Lester Electrical. This technology is important to you because it is made by a company in Lincoln, Nebraska that has manufactured battery chargers for more than fifty years. When you use a Lester charger, you can trust it will pair well with your battery and charge precisely with every use.

  3. This charger stores 200 histories on it. Connect using your ChargerConnect app to see recent and historical charging information. You can quickly view data on eighteen separate items from termination type to the time/date from the most recent charge. Ensure that your vehicle or machine is being properly cared for and avoid costly repairs later by watching for concerns or patterns using charging data that’s easily pulled in just seconds on your smartphone or tablet.

  4. Technical Support. The Summit Series II charger rarely has faults but if it does, rest assured it is easy to seek troubleshooting assistance. Using the technology featured inside the charger, you are able to push your charge histories to the Cloud. Make a quick call to the Lester Electrical team and using the serial number from your charger, they are able to access those histories in the Cloud while you are on the telephone as a diagnostic tool. Have an answer to your query quickly and get back out to the work (or play!) you need to get done.

These are just a few of the reasons that making a decision to own a charger with Progressive DV/DT, Bluetooth communication and Cloud connectivity is the right one. Check out more information about the Summit Series II by Lester Electrical on our webpage: //


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