All Batteries Are The Same, Right?

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Perhaps you’ve heard that it doesn’t matter what kind of battery you use in a particular application.  Nothing has changed in battery technology in 100 years, so all batteries are the same, right?   Wrong! Making sure you use the right battery for your application is crucial to maximizing the performance and the overall life of your battery.

The AGM Battery.

AGM batteries were designed for users that had a need for a battery that wouldn’t vent harmful gases in the same fashion that a flooded lead-acid battery does (the primary cause of corrosion on battery terminals).  In addition, many users were looking for a battery that could stand up to the vigorous vibrations and abuse that military and off-road applications produce, and could be mounted in virtually any position without spilling its electrolyte. To this day, and for these reasons, the United States Armed Services is a major user of AGM batteries. Military vehicles and aircraft operate under very extreme circumstances and cannot afford battery failures because of conditions inherent to their use.

What exactly is an AGM Battery?

An AGM battery is a lead-acid battery that, in many ways, is very similar to the flooded lead acid battery you’re probably accustomed to (acid is freely flowing within the battery), but the difference lies in the separator material between the positive and negative plate and in the way the plates are contained within the battery case.

A-G-M stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. In an AGM battery, rather than the electrolyte (acid) flowing “free” within the cell, there is a very thin fiberglass material which absorbs the electrolyte and holds it “captive” against the plates keeping them moist (like a sponge).

AGM batteries are built in such a way that the plates are packed into the battery container so tightly that they are affected very little by vibration. Imagine a military tank trudging across the desert – or an F-16 engaged in a dogfight demanding a roll-over. Not a good time for an acid spill!

Now – think about how you use batteries.

  • Do you have an off-road vehicle that you’ve put through some pretty tough adventures?

  • Do you have an RV that has batteries that are difficult to access to water?

  • Do you store your Boat, RV or Powersport Vehicle during the off-season and are unable to check the water level?

  • Does your business have equipment that is rented out or leased to folks who do not water the batteries properly?

Maybe you’re not operating a military vehicle, but if you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, maybe an AGM battery can make your life a little easier.

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